buy a print

print on stretched canvas

You can buy the exhibition photos (or in fact all photos found on this website) as high quality print. Each print is produced individually, so size and material can be freely chosen (of course I'll give advise, in case you so desire). There are a lot of possibilities from streched canvas to simple outside or inside prints to foils or metal.

A nice option that is also used in exhibitions is a LED-powered lightbox as seen on the left or here.

Each print/object is signed and has a serial number. Each motif has a guaranteed maximum number of sold prints or can be bought exclusively. Please simply contact me if you are interested or have any questions.


[Buying a print supports the project: People involved in the project should be giving their time, not their money – so I will try to supply whatever they need. That means I will be printing stickers and posters, producing stencils, buying paint etc. and send them out to these people. The money you pay for a print helps to cover these costs and makes the project grow.]


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