spread the symbol

Get involved in this most important part of the project: Spread the pigeons in the world! Just contact me for details if you like to do some of the following:

  • paint, spray or glue pigeons
  • spread stickers in public space
  • include the pigeon in your graffiti piece
  • include the pigeons in some other piece of art
  • produce some pigeon T-shirts
  • sell some pigeon T-shirts

I will try to supply you with Material (Paint, Stencils, graphic files, texts, ...) whenever possible.

If you have further ideas, just contact me as well of course – you are more than welcome.

Important for participating is that you are really willing to spend some of your time. And – of course – honest interest in the project and a sense for quality in implementation, whatever it is you will be doing. If you are unsure, just contact me nevertheless – I'm happy to hear from you.


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