Well, money is not what the project is about to be and nobody is paid. But there are of course expenses.

People involved in the project should be giving their time, not their money – so I will try to supply whatever they need. That means I will be printing stickers and posters, producing stencils, buying paint etc. and send them out to these people.

Earnings are used to cover the costs, are greatly appreciated and will help the project. If you want to help the project please also consider to buy a print, so that you get something for your money.

If you rather feel like donating you can transfer money to the following bank account.

Project Another Dead PigeonProject Another Dead Pigeon
IBAN: DE08 7001 0080 0120 4108 04Kto: 120 410 804
BIC: PBNKDEFFBLZ: 700 100 80

Or just use the Donate Button below (via PayPal, which is an easy way of transferring money even if you do not have a PayPay account).

Thanks for considering to donate. I'd be happy if you dropped me a line!


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