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For the photo/manipulation/exhibition part f the project I need photos from all around the world where something bad has happend. I then add a pigeon. If you sent in a photo I can use I would be happy! Contact me if you feel like doing!

Below I describe the kind of photo that will perfectly fit in. Don't let yourself be discouraged by all the rules – if you can not deliver exactly like decribed below, your photo is welcome nevertheless and I'll try to include it. 


  • The photo should show the ground, ideally a rather flat space. It should be shot parallel to the ground, so no angle, no perspective. The longer corner of the visible detail should show an area of something like 1,50m - 2 m (you should be able to get this without equipment or climbing).
    [You don't have to measure, of course, these are just rough values. If you are unsure, just make 2 or 3 different clippings.]
  • On the ground you'll most of the time find pavements or stuff forming some kind of of pattern. Use this, be creative but please don't let it get too turbulent. (If possible make 2 or 3 shots with different grounds and/or different camera rotations (so that the stuff or lines on the ground will form different patterns).
  • Sometimes on the ground there is a hell lot of stuff. Please keep in mind,  that a pigeon has to be manipulated inside.
  • The photo should ideally be neutral and not include any details revealing where the photo has been taken (like writing on a gully or the like). The idea is: »it could be anywhere«.

Please compare the photos in manipulated photo section. It will give you a clear idea. And, as always, feel free to contact me.

Technical/additional stuff

  • if the photo shall be included in the real exhibition, it has to be printed, so it has to be of sufficient quality. Ideally the longer side should be 4000 px or more. (As with everything: just ask, if you have questions). Pictures with lower quality are welcome as well though. They may be included in the exhibition on this web page only.
  • please include the name of the place where the photo has been taken in original language and english, as well as city (resp. area) and country.
  • please include the story what happened on that place (in short is OK), in original language and english.
  • please include a photo where I can see and identify the place shot with the same camera on the same day.
  • and last but not least: please include your name and people who helped you if any
  • you may include photos of yourself at work for documentation. I would be happy but you don't have to of course.

Download a checklist and an example of a perfectly packed transmittal here.


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