about not yet

I am german artist not yet. [I don't usually call myself »artist«, for I often do not like people who see themselves as artists. This page is rather for google, to help people to find this project]. I live in Munich, Germany.

Check this small site where I'll put some other stuff I do or plan to do whenever I find the time.

artists and art

Today being an artist is regarded something cool. So many people see themselves as artists. Most likely you have to do some art to be one. And many tings these days are seen as art – which to be honest is often rather ridiculous.

But there is also huge potential in this: It might help a little to close the gap in value  between »ordinary work«, let's say some brickwork, and art. So Art and Artists may become a bit more humble and find their place in the big image. In the end it might even bring the colossal insight that artists are just some odinary people, who are lucky enough to have the time, setting and possibilities to do some stuff they just want to do.