Cargotopia: Exposition

Installation in palácio das artes, Porto

In beautiful palácio das artes, Porto, Portugal you find a small pigeon photo installation. 

You see 4 Pictures of the ground, taken on places where something bad has happened and peace/freedom has been killed. Namely three pictures taken in egypt after the (mostly peaceful, but nevertheless...) revolution and one in Germany at the former concentration Camp in Dachau. (Note that the focus on Egypt is no statement – Peace and freedom is killed by man throughout the world. It is just because I started the project while being in egypt at a quite eventful time).

Please use this site to understand more about the project that has led to this installation and about the places that are shown on the photos. Please also feel free and welcome to ask me any kind of question or tell me whatever you like.


If you want to know more about Cargotopia, the festival hosting the exhibition, click here.


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