people involved

My name is not yet. I developed and started this project in spring 2012 in egypt. It is a long term project that involves collective work – and this is the place for people working on it with me, so get involved to show up here!

Thanks to

I found a lot of encouraging words and even help with this project. I want to thank: 

  • Judith leMauff for very first inspiration about pigeons
  • Mohamed El Ghawy and Chérif Bahgat for encouragement – and for doing pigeons with me in Alexandria!
  • Edle Steinmacher and Mohamed El Nahas for doing pigeons with me in Alexandria
  • Reem Kassem and AGORA for a lot of support – and for the uncomplicated possibility to make a beautiful exhibition
  • Jimi from Salalem for encouragement and contacts
  • Aya Tarek for help, ecouragement and setting up the spirit
  • Irene Graef for giving me her brand new camera to take it to egypt (and in fact in the meantime Spain, Poland, and so on) in the most friendly and uncomplicated way, helping me and the project a lot with this. In fact the vast Majority of the high-res photos have been done with her camera. Thanks, Irene, really!
  • Christian Topp for (once again) giving me the holy camera. And for being the very first person to bring in a photo that was included in the project
  • Paulina Almeida for inviting me to cargotopia and for choosing a room perfectly fitting the project - in my absence, which is a rare accomplishment
  • Sabrina Da Cunha for encouragement and for bringing me to Guimarães and noc noc festival (and cheers to her Mother for hosting me and the guys from noc noc of course!
  • Astrid Haubold for listening to my stories and ideas, talking through intellectual background again and again, observing the construction of lighthouses as well as this site – and for ordering the first high-end canvas print
  • Jacqueline for being the first person actually troubling herself to go to a place I requested and taking a photo there

Thanks, all! Many more people helped me and will help me in the future. Thanks, even if you are not in the list, I remember you. And drop me a line if you feel like I forgot you... 

Dedicated to

This is dedicated to my friend Medhat El Bialy who sadly died just two days before I could tell him about the project face to face. Always fancying artists and art (and always deeply connected to society and people) I think he would have liked it.