what's all this about?

Another dead pigeon is an international art project. It consists of an exhibition part and – even more important – parts taking place in public space. It encourages people around the world to get involved in many different ways.
This project started in 2012 and is since then growing (or also resting from time to time). This webpage has not been updated for long time - but you get the idea.

The symbol

In many cultures and countries throughout the world, the pigeon in a symbol for peace and freedom.

The abstract graphical symbol of a dead pigeon – inspired by the line police draws around a dead body on a crime scene – is origin and base for this project. It is a symbol for the death of peace or the death of freedom.

The project aims to spread the symbol to remind us that peace can die easily and everywhere – and that we have to watch for it.

project parts

In the life part of the project, people just go out to spread the symbol in as many ways as possible. Starting in egypt the pigeon shall already be in graffiti pieces as well as painted on the street, it will show up on T-shirts as well as on Taxis or will be glued to the wall. The life part depends strongly on the help of people out there. So if you are interested in art projects, feel invited to get involved: I will provide you with the symbol, you go out and spread it!

In the photo/exhibition part, the symbol is manipulated inside a photo. Something bad has happened at the place this photo has been taken: peace or freedom died there. We can read about what happened, we can read when it happend. What we see, though, is just a section of the ground – it could be everywhere.

[The photo manipulation part is more conventional art and thus more strict: The photos are following rules and I am doing the manipulations myself. Nevertheless I am very thankful for people participating by sending in suitable photos from around the world!]

This web site shows the photo manipulation part of another dead pigeon, tries to document the life part and makes contact to people participating in the project. [I also set up a small facebook page to make it easier for social media people, but I'm rather busy so don't spend a lot of time there].

Also it is the place to explain – if people found a pigeon in their neighbourhood and want to know what this all is about...


Many people have a very clear idea of what art is. I don't. So is this art or not? I don't know – and honestly I don't care. If it wasn't for google and to help people to find this site I would not write about this – and the word art might not be present at all.